Nine days of cycling, linkedoff, sea, beach and two beers a day

The Kattegattleden is Sweden’s first national cycle path, and it runs between Gothenburg and Helsingborg, and is 400 km along the sea.

My wife and I took it with electric bikes and varied between tents, camping cabins and Airbnb.
Pit stop with

It was 400 km of beach, forest, fields, nature reserves and a number of old and cozy villages along the sea.


We alternated between cycling as much as we could without any particular help from the battery and days where we pressed the button called “sport” where the bike helped tired legs. Otherwise, I used the same amount of energy (calories) every single day as with a normal bicycle, but the cycled three times longer pr day.

You will see a lot of sea

Some of the places along the way are:

Varberg, a historic town with an impressive fortress and a spa.

Båstad, an idyllic summer town with tennis courts and sandy beaches.

Ängelholm, a town with an aircraft museum and a ceramics museum.

Mölle, a picturesque fishing village overlooking the Kullen peninsula.

Kungsbacka, a charming town with an old square and a shopping area.

Halmstad, a cultural city with a castle, an art museum and a golf course.

Laholm, a cozy town with a river, a ski center and a cartoon museum.

Höganäs, a town with a pottery factory, a market hall and an art gallery.

Helsingborg is the end of the Kattegattleden if you cycle south, but then of course we added on the 20-minute ferry to Denmark and 40 km of cycling into Copenhagen. There was more linkedoff with good help from Mr Carlsberg and Mr Tuborg in the Danish capital.

Remember that you will be much more and better linkedin and linked on if you have 5 minutes linkedoff every hour and a minimum of 5 hours linkedoff every evening.

Or 9 days linkedoff on a bike on the Kattegattleden.

More info: Link (use Google Translate)

More photos from us:

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