21 minutes from Oslo is a Linkedoff-gem #relaxation #recreation

Try some Linkedoff before your next task?

The Norwegian Folk Museum is one of my Linkedoff favourites. It is located on Bygdø and is a 21-minute cycle ride from Oslo Central Station.

It is one of Europe’s largest and oldest open-air museums, with over 160 buildings from different regions and periods and It is a cultural history museum that shows how people have lived in Norway from the 16th century until today.
Synonyms for Linkedoff : The act of relaxing, calming down or resting. Releasing tension in the body or mind.
More synonyms for Linkedoff : The recovery of strength, health or mood. Becoming less tense, tight or rigid. Tranquility: being free from unrest, noise or disturbances. Siesta: a midday rest in warm countries. Silence: the absence of sound, noise or speech.

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