The first post

The where, what and how to be linkedoff.

Linkedoff will publish and showcase places, trips, activities, and posts about “where”, “what” and “how” you can get a break and a linkedoff before the next task.

Graslandet in Elverum. A great plave to be linkedoff.

The start-up is today 29/08/2023 and with the slightly too confident domain name ( The truth is that this “community” today only has one member, which is me; Bjørn Heidenstrøm (

Why and progress:
I hope I find someone who is interested in one or more places, trips and methods to become linkedoff.

What I can offer at the start:
I have taken photos and obtained personal information about around 4,000 places, trips and activities in  that allow me (and you) to disconnect before the next work task.

I have also acquired the painful experience of being 100% burnt out, but also the beautiful experience of finding methods and tools to create more natural energy and joy.

Hope you join!

With best regards
Bjorn Heidenstrom

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